1. Endless Career Opportunities
    Access to public transportation is a federal requirement in the United States. That means anywhere you go or dream of living, there is a need for someone to operate a public transportation vehicle. Not only is public transportation federally mandated here, most European countries and other countries all over the world have a public transportation system; thereby, they need operators.
  2. Salary
    In Florida, the average salary for an entry level public transit operator is $33,000. Individual salaries vary based on experience and location. Public transportation opportunities are available at the city, county and state level. In some cases, public transportation roles are outsourced to private entities that are managed by a local government agency. Check out the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information.
  3. Benefits
    As a city or county employee, your benefits will vary but generally includes a competitive healthcare and retirement plan. For information specifically about Pasco County benefits, visit
  4. You Want a Flexible Schedule
    Buses are an essential form of transportation in many communities. Some routes start very early in the morning and end late in the evening. Since coverage is needed throughout the day, there is an opportunity to work a morning shift, a midday shift or an evening shift.
  5. On-the-job Training
    No prior bus driving experience is needed in order to begin; however, all drivers must obtain their CDL with a passenger endorsement before operating a bus. New drivers will be enrolled in a CDL training program that meets all the federal government ELDT requirements. The program takes about six weeks to complete, and drivers will receive training pay during that time.


  1. You Have Great People Skills
    Bus drivers interact with many people each day, including diverse cultures and languages. Depending on your route, you engage with a well traveled commuter, a tourist needing route directions, or a rider who needs special assistance. Strong people skills and a willingness to communicate with others is important.
  2. You Enjoy Driving Large Vehicles
    If one of your favorite places to be is behind the wheel, public transportation may be for you. If you enjoy driving large vehicles, a job as a bus driver is definitely for you!
  3. You Are Calm Under Pressure
    A lot goes on inside and outside of a bus. Bus drivers face severe weather conditions, difficult riders and overwhelming road construction at any time on the road. Distractions like bullying, fighting and even celebrations can occur while you are driving. If you are not easily aggravated and able to stay calm during difficult situations, then these occurrence may seem like less of a challenge.

Available Jobs
Bus Operator 

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