Guide to Ride


Transit buses operate in West Pasco County and East Pasco County. Many subdivisions, shopping centers, medical facilities and government offices are easily accessible by riding GOPASCO. Call the GOPASCO information number (727) 834-3322 for personalized assistance or to have a bus schedule mailed to your home.

  • Saves money on personal car expenses
  • Eliminates parking and traffic frustrations
  • Provides convenient times and routes
  • Increases your flexibility and independence (no need to call ahead for a ride)

Start by locating a nearby bus stop through the Plan Your Trip feature on the homepage. Fold strollers and/or carts before boarding. For safety reasons, please keep aisles clear. When on the bus, let the driver know you want to disembark approximately one block before your bus stop/destination by pulling down on the cord or pushing the button located near the window.

Need help riding the bus? Check out our FREE Travel Training program.

  • Please limit talking to your bus driver to when the bus is stopped
  • No eating or drinking on the bus
  • No open food or drink containers
  • No smoking
  • No alcoholic beverages
  • No weapons, flammable materials or illegal drugs
  • No vulgar or abusive language
  • No disruptive behavior
  • No vandalism
  • Do not use audio equipment without headphones
  • Respect the other passengers and conduct conversations at a reasonable volume
  • Wear shirts and shoes

Wheelchair passengers should arrive at their bus stop a few minutes early and position the wheelchair to clear the lift or ramp when extended. Follow the bus driver’s instructions for safe boarding. When inside the bus, our bus driver will assist you with the safety belt system. If you are unable to pull the cord, please verbally advise the bus driver of your destination. Visit our paratransit page for more information about our paratransit services.

Check the schedule for the route you need. Select the direction and time you wish to travel. The times shown are reference points, but there are many bus stops between them. Use them to estimate when the bus will reach your stop. Arrive at the bus stop a few minutes prior to the scheduled departure time.

Schedules are available online, on our buses and at many locations throughout the county.

You can put your bike on a bike rack that is mounted on the front of the bus and take it with you on any GOPASCO transit route.

View the Bikes on Buses brochure.

If you use GOPASCO to commute to work at least two days a week, you are eligible to register for the Emergency Ride Home Program. This program guarantees you a taxi ride home for family emergencies, personal illness or unscheduled overtime. To register, please call the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority (TBARTA) at (813) 282-8200.


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